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Welcome To My Website

The New Website

Hey everybody welcome to my website. I’m excited to finally have my site up and running. I will admit I have been taking my time slowly putting it together but I feel like it came out pretty nicely. I know I’ll be spending my time updating it here and there. I wanted a nice basic informational website where people could come and learn about who I am. The goal is for everybody to learn something new about me, Seekaplayer. Please feel free to contact if you wish to connect or you can follow me on my social media accounts.

How I Made It

I wanted to put together this website pretty quickly (Although that didn’t happen) So I used WordPress and installed the Astra Theme, then created a Child Theme Version where I did some small CSS Tweaks. From there found a great Drag and Drop Builder called, Elementor. With this three tools I was able to make this site. I still had to do some HTML and PHP in some areas of the site to make certain things work.

There's More Than Just That!

OK so there’s actually more then 3 core things that helped me create my website. I also use some nifty plugins in the background that really make this website function. I actually coded a plugin myself that inserts my Google Analytics code into the header of my website using PHP. The idea is to use helpful plugins that make my site function better for not just me but for you, the user.

More To Add & Learn

As much as I would love to say this is done, I know I’ll be adding more and more as I go. Plus I’m still new to a lot of this so I have a lot to learn about Web Design, Web Development and SEO.  I hope to keep an active blog and create some great guides. So please stay tuned for upcoming content. 

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